Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee Walking Horse: The Tennessee Walker was developed in the 1900's in the state of Tennessee. A decendant of the narragansett pacer blended with the standardbred, thoroughbred and morgan. The resulting horse had great endurance and stamina, and with their easy gliding gate they were comfortable enough to allow the settlers to spend long hours in the saddle.

The stallion Black Allan, who was a standardbred born in 1885, is considered the foundation sire of the breed. Common colors include black and chestnut but the pinto pattern can also be found. Typically the breed stands between 15 and 16 hands high. They are a calm and easygoing breed and along with their bounce free ride have earned the comment "ride one today and you'll own one tomorrow". The Tennessee Walker is used for horse show events, particularly under saddle seat style English riding equipment, but is also a very popular trail riding horse. Tennessee Walking Horses are known for their ambling gaits: the running walk, the flat walk, and for their gentle, "rocking horse" canter.

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