Pregnant Mares have an average gestation length of 335 to 340 days

Preparations and Process for the Pregnant Mare

The early months of Spring can be an exciting time for horse owners and breeders. Mares are usually bred to foal early in the year. Many preparations, including the facility for foaling must be made and in place before the new foal arrives. Some horse owners become anxious while waiting for the foal to arrive. Being prepared and understanding what to watch for can make the whole process less stressful. Use the following resources to learn more about preparing for a newborn foal and broodmare management.

•Management of the Pregnant Mare - Learn about gestation length, preparing the mare for foaling, and proper foaling facilities.

•Parturition in Horses - Information on how to predict when a mare will foal and information about inducing parturition.

•Horse Behavior at Foaling Time - Learn about signs and behaviors that indicate the mare is close to foaling.

•Care of the Newborn Foal - Information about nursing, colostrum, and what to watch for within the first 24 hours of birth.


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