Swedish Warmblood

Swedish Warmblood: One of the oldest warmblood breeds, the swedish warmbloods history dates back to 4000 BC. During the 16th century the breed was greatly improved by the royal stud farms of Kungsor and Stromsholm. The Trakehner and Friesian horses made the most important contribution to the bloodline, producing large, powerful horses that were increasingly consistent in type. The decade from 1920 to 1930 brought more significant changes to the development of the breed through the influence of three stallions, Tribun, Hamlet, and the thoroughbred Hamplemann.

The Swedish is an excellent riding horse suitable for most amateurs but they are also are a world class competition mount. A strong, athletic animal with flowing gaits, the best of the breed are top rated dressage horses, show jumpers and eventers. This warmblood breed may be any solid color with the most common being chestnut, grey, bay or seal brown, black is rare. They generally stand 16 to 17 hands.

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