National Show Horse

National Show Horse: The National Show Horse originated as a cross between an American Saddlebred and an Arabian horse. It has been established as a separate breed since 1981.

The combination of these two breeds produced an athletic horse which retained the size and animation of the saddlebred, the refinement of the arabian and of course, the beauty of both. The resulting horse has the high-set, upright, swan like neck and refined head. The horses are close coupled with a level topline and have a very deep shoulder. Typically, this breed stands between 14.3 and 16.2 hands tall, with some individuals over or under.

A broad range of color can be found including the traditional bay, gray, chestnut and black, also pinto and palomino. The breed standard requires a horse with "natural presence" and extreme brilliance when in the show ring. The horse must exhibit high carriage when showing or relaxed.

When trained they move with a very elevated front end and a high stepping action. This expressive breed is competed in a varity of disciplines including Halter, English Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Three Gaited, Five Gaited, Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure and Show Hack.

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