Mountain Pleasure Horse

Mountain Pleasure Horse: The Mountain Pleasure is a gaited breed of horse that has been bred in Kentucky for more than 160 traceable years. Thought to be the oldest gated American breed and to be the parent stock of the Tennessee Walking Horses, American Saddlebred Horses and more recently Rocky Mountain Horses.

Farmers needed a type of horse that possessed great agility and was extremely surefooted to work the steep hillside fields, travel safely over the mountain terrain and also provide a smooth, stable, comfortable ride.

The horses's distinctive, easy riding gait allows the surefooted horse to cover a lot of ground with minimum effort for both the horse and rider. The gait is natural, it is a characteristic bred into these horses through generations of selective breeding. Cardinally, no action devices, aids or harsh training methods are permitted.

Any body color is acceptable, however, a spotted coat is not encouraged by the association for breeding or showing. Horses must be at least 14.2 hands tall.

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