Missouri Fox Trotter

Missouri Fox Trotter: The Missouri Fox Trotter is one of the oldest American breeds, originating in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. When the pioneers from Tennesse, Kentucky and Virginia settled the Ozark area in 1821 they brought their horses with them, a mix of thoroughbred, morgan and arabian horses.

Settlers in that region needed durable horses with a smooth action to allow a comfortable ride over the rough terrain. With the introduction of saddlebred blood and selective breeding practices a very smooth moving horse was developed. This unique gate was called the fox trot and the Fox Trotter breed quickly became the mount of choice.

The sliding action of the fox trot allows the rider to sit undisturbed in the saddle without feeling the effects of the trot or the ground being covered. The horse can maintain this gate over long distances and can travel between 5 to 10 mph.

The Fox Trotter is well known for being a versatile, comfortable mount. With it's smooth ride and surefootedness it is an ideal trail mount, the majority of registered Fox Trotters are owned by people who use them for trail riding, competition, endurance, and pleasure riding. The average height of the fox trotter is 14 to 16 hands and all common coat colors can be found with chestnut being the predominant.

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