Mangalarga Marchador

Mangalarga Marchador: The Mangalarga Marchador is the National Horse of Brazil, descended from the ancient Iberian horses of Portugal which arrived in brazil in the early 1800's. With the cross breeding of Andalusian stallions with Criollo and Barb mares, the foundation for the Managalarga Marchador was created.

Historically, each farm produced a heritage and a bloodline that identified their horses. The horse’s name always includes the breeding farm as part of the name. Mangalarga was one of the first farms during which the horses gained popularity, hence the adoption of Mangalaraga Marchador name.

The history of many present day Marchadors can be traced back 20 generations or more and the breed continues to be developed and improved today with many more new farms and breeders in Brazil. Their height ranges from 14.2 to 16 hands with most being in the 15 hand range. All colors are represented by the breed and include grays, roans, bays, blacks, sorrels, browns. paint markings, palomino and buckskins are also common in the breed.

A versatile, sure-footed horse with plenty of cow sense as well as stamina, this breed holds the Guinness Book of World Records Endurance Ride of 8,694 miles in 1994.

The Marchador horse is easy to train and they have a calm disposition. Small children in Brazil commonly ride them.

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