Knabstrupper:The knabbstrupper is a Danish breed that is a desendant of a spotted mare called Flaebehoppen, who was from spanish ancestry.

Major Villars Lunn, owner of the manor house “Knabstrupgaard”, acquired this mare and crossed her with a frederiksborg stallion.

The resulting foal was a colt, named “The Flaebestallion”, and he bacame the foundation for the new spotted breed. The “Flaebestallion” had a very unusual color, and was often mentioned as having more than 20 different colors, and an almost metalic glow.

These horses were known not only for their extraordinary qualities, but also for their color, which is the one typically associated with the Appaloosa breed. The breed was very popular as a circus horse, used in vaulting acts because of their broad back.

The average height of this breed is 15.2 hh and their unique color pattern is the leopard with its solid white background covered with black, bay or chestnut spots. Knabstruppers are valued for their kind temperaments, high level of trainability, and stamina as well as for their wonderful color.

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