Hackney: This breed was developed in Great Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries and is the descendant of the Norfolk Trotter and the Yorkshire Roadster.

The breed was known for it’s great stamina and speed, able to carry a heavy man for great distances at speeds up to 16-17 mph.

In 1542, King Henry VIII required the wealthy to keep a specified number of trotting horse stallions. They were used under saddle as the quickest means of travel in areas where there were no established roads.

The Hackney pony evolved in the span of a few years in the 1870’s in England by crossing Hackney horses with Fell and Welsh ponies. The pony has all the speed, action and courage of the horse but is a true pony with pony character. The average height of this horse is between 14 to 15.3 hh tall and the height of the pony is up to 14hh. Both the Horse and Pony can be bay, dark brown, chestnut or black with a small head, long neck and a elegant, compact body.

It has a snappy high knee action in trot that makes it one of the worlds most impressive harness horses. The majority of stock comes from the Netherlands and are imported by Canada, Argentina and the United States to be used as fancy carriage horses. The American Hackney Horse Society was formed in 1890.

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