Gotland Pony

Gotland Pony: The Gotland Pony, also known as the skigsruss, is the most ancient of the Scandinavian breeds. Believed to have decended from the tarpan, this pony has existed since the stone age.

The breed's original habitat was Gotland, a small Island off the Swedish coast.

It's earlier use was on the farm but today it is a riding pony that is popular as a children's horse.

The Gotland is a hardy, good natured pony, with a lively trot. An excellent jumper with good endurance, although they are limited at the gallop.

There are about 9,000 Gotland Ponies in Sweden today, and they can also be found in Denmark, Finland, and the US.

Gotland Ponies stand on the average at 12 to 12.2hh, and there is a vaiety of colors including black, brown, chestnut, gray and an occasional palomino.

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