Freiberger:The Frieberger is a light draft horse that originated from the jura mountains region of Switzerland. A powerfully built, surefooted horse it was used extensively by the upland farmers and was highly valued as a pack animal for the Swiss army.

Many Freibergers trace back to one stallion foaled in 1891, Valliant, who was a cross of Norfolk Roadster and English Hunter.

Another influential stallion was Urus, who also contained Norman blood. For the most part they are only bay or chestnut in color and stand at between 14.3 and 15.3 hands high.

At the Federal stud (Avenches) strict control is maintained over quality and type of the freiberger, which has two types, one more broadly built light draft and the other a lighter in build, better suited for riding type. These horses are branded with the stud symbol, which is the Swiss cross.

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