Fell Pony

Fell Pony: The Fell Pony shares its origins with the now-extinct Galloway. It is believed to have originated on the border between England and Scotland during Roman times from the crossing of imported war stallions with the local Celtic ponies.

Bred from Fresian stallions and indigenous pony mares the resulting progeny inherited the strength and quiet nature of the Friesian along with the hardiness, thriftiness and pony character of the north country ponies.

The breed colors are black, dark brown or bay,and sometimes grey, preferably with no white markings apart from an occasional star.

Formerly they were bred extensively and used as work horses, carring baskets of iron ore from the mines to the industrial towns on the east coast of northern England.

The pony was strong and sure-footed, calm in nature and not too big to make loading and unloading difficult while being up to the weight of a full load.

Unlike the small native ponies of pre-Roman times, the improved Fell type was large enough for a man to ride and was recognised as a dual-purpose breed.

Fells at the present time are being used for pleasure riding and competitive riding, showing, and even hunting. The breed is also well suited for driving. The rise in popularity of carriage driving has provided the breed with the job which it has traditionally done for centuries.

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