Dutch Heavy Draft

Dutch Heavy Draft: This Heavy Draft is a relatively new breed of horse developed in Holland after 1918. They were developed by cross-breeding the Brabant, Zeeland-type Dutch mares and the Belgian Ardennes, and still bear a resemblance to the Brabant. A massive horse, it is quiet in temperament, free moving, and possesses great stamina.

The Dutch Heavy Draft usually stands around 16 hands high and are generally chestnut, bay or gray, with black seen rarely. The head is well-formed, with a straight profile and pronounced jaw. The neck is powerful, the withers broad and low, the chest deep and the shoulder long and sloping. The back is short and the croup sloping. The legs are strong and muscular, with broad joints. The breed is the heaviest of the Dutch horse breeds. Despite their size, they are very active and economical to keep. They are generally intelligent and tend to have a long working life.

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