Dartmoor Pony

Dartmoor: The native habitat of the Dartmoor pony is the moorlands in the southwest og England. The greatest influence on the Dartmoor's development was the Leat, a arabian stallion named Dwarka, foaled in 1922.

A daughter by Leat, Juliet was bred to a welsh mountain pony named Dinarth Spark. This paring produced one the most famous dartmoor stallion's, Jude.

The second world war nearly saw the end of the breed as the moor was used as training area.

The ponies were so close to extention that there were only two stallions and twelve mares registered between 1941 and 1943.

The beautiful dartmoor has been subjected to numerous crossings during it's history. Many breeds were brought in due to the easily accesible area.

Extreme efforts of dedicated breeders managed to bring the breed back and by the 1920's there were three distinct herds on the moor.

Today most of the Dartmoors are bred at private studs throughout the United Kingdom.

It is considered to be one of the most elegant riding ponies in the world. The average height of this breed is 12hh and their colors range from black to pinto.

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