Budyonny: A breed of horse predominantly from Russia, they were developed for use as a military horse following the Russian Revolution. Having the conformation of a typical riding horse they are tall and rangy, well boned and muscled. Sometimes referred to as the buddennys, they were bred from Don horses, Chernomor horses and thouroughbreds around 1920. The founder of the breed, Marshal Semyon Budyonny, wanted to create a breed of cavalry horses that were enduring, fast and easy to keep and feed. In 1948, the crossing was officially accepted as an own breed. The breed was officially registered in 1949.

Primarily chestnut in coat color, however other common colors found in this breed are black, gray and bay. Their height ranges between 15.1-17 hands. The breed is well suited as a riding horse or for light carriage and is a good jumper. The animals free and easy movement at all gaits making it very well suited as a sporting horse for modern equestrian events.

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