Brabant: The Brabant is a belgian heavy draft and is one of the most famous of the European heavy horse breeds. Possibly a direct decendant of the "equus sylvaticus" an ancient forest horse.

During the middle ages it was known as the Flanders horse and played a key role in the developement of heavy breeds such as the Shire and the Clydesdale.

The belgian breeders over the years stayed true to the blood lines of this unigue heavy horse preserving the breeds exceptional quality.

This brabant is a massive, powerful horse standing between 16.2 and 17hh on the average. The body of this breed is thick and compact with short and very strong legs. Notable for its kind and willing temperament, colors are bays, duns, grays, red roan, sorrels and chestnuts.

This breed is very popular in the United states. One of the most famous stallions was "Brillant", winning the International championships of 1878 in Paris. His progeny were also very successful in competition.

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