Bosnian Pony

The bosnian pony, similar to the Hucul, is thought to have developed from the Tarpon crossed with the wild asian horse. the horses bred in Thessaly by the ancient greeks may have also been among its ancestors. Eastern blood, introduced by the turks, had a refining influence.

Three stallions, active during the 1940s, had a particular influence. Barut and Agan were heavier, and more like the asiatic wild horse.

Up to the outbreak of civil war in the former Yugoslavia, much attention was paid to stallion selection.

All stallions undergo a test in which they carry a 220lb pack over 10 miles of difficult mountain terrain. This distance has been covered in as little as one hour and ten minutes.

The improved bosnian pony retains Tarpan character. It stands between 13 and 14.2 hands. Dun is the predominant color, but browns, blacks, and chestnuts also occur.

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