Barb:It is believed that this breed originated in Northern Africa during the 8th century, about the time that Islamic invaders reached the region. It is most likely that it derived directly from an indigenous wild horse, which had its habitat ranging over most of the Iberian Peninsula and into northwestern Africa. The characteristics are basically those of the original Iberian horse. The Godolphin Arabian, which was one of the foundation sires for the thoroughbred breed, may have been a Barb stallion, and is sometimes called the Godolphin Barb. This breed is truly adapted to the arid mountainous country, possessing extra endurance, extra surefootedness and soundness.

The breed developed on the Barbary Coast of North Africa, is a true desert horse, with great hardiness and stamina. Due to the amount of cross-breeding, it is difficult to find a pure-bred animal today. The horses generally possess a fiery temperament and an atypical sport-horse conformation. The World Organization for this breed was founded in Algeria in 1987. It is now bred primarily in Morocco, Algeria, Spain, and southern France, although, due to difficult economic times in its homeland, the number of pure-breds is decreasing.

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