Appendix Quarter Horse

Appendix Quarter Horse: The Appendix Quarter Horse is a first generation cross between a registered American Quarter Horse and a registered Thoroughbred. The resulting offspring is registered in the "appendix" of the American Quarter Horse Association's studbook, hence the nickname. Horses listed in the appendix may be entered in competition, but offspring are not initially eligible for full AQHA registration.

Lankier and taller than purebred Quarter Horses, the appendix horse often reaches 16 hands or higher. They can be seen in the same colors as purebred Quarter Horses, which include bay, black, brown, sorrel, chestnut, dun, buckskin, red dun, grullo, palomino, gray, red roan, blue roan and bay roan. Because of their Thoroughbred breeding, Appendix Horses are most often seen on the racetrack, as well as in the English disciplines. They also often make great hunters, show jumpers and dressage competitors.

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